"Nobody can contribute anything to yoga, but yoga can
contribute something to everybody."
Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


This Kaikkijoogasta.fi is made from my humble appreciation for the method of yoga and the beauty in it. The aim of this web site is to be helpful for everybody interested in yoga and to share information of various forms of yoga. Even if the name of this web site is "Kaikkijoogasta"  (= "All About Yoga"), there is not all about yoga here. Unfortunately. Luckily. But there are a lot of different kind of links here, which hopefully will guide you to your true destinations also in the real life.

The amount of people practicing yoga has increased a lot both in Finland and other countries during last years. There are numerous styles of yoga and the amount of them is still increasing. Also, the word "yoga" can be seen attached to almost anything nowadays. But "what is this yoga?" "Who can became a yogi?" "What are the differencies between various yoga styles?" "Where I could find a yoga teacher or yoga shala or yoga retreat in Finland?" For that kind of questions this web site is trying to give answers in the spirit of the phrase. "Even if we ourselves don't know the answers, we can still support each other in the path of life and yoga."

When you are practising yoga, you can be called as a "yogi". But who is really a yogi? The best answer what I was getting for that question was from David Swenson: "You can recognize a yogi from that when he or she is leaving the place...that place is then a little bit better place than it was when he or she was coming there."

If you are asking yourself that should I start practicing yoga? I would answer for that by quoting freely one well known yoga teacher: "Yoga is for everybody. But before starting, you should consider very carefully - especially, if you are living in a relationship. Yoga can possibly change all your life and values: how and what are you thinking, how are you using your days and all what comes into your relationship to the world around you."

My sincere thanks to everybody, who have helped me to make this web site to come true. Also, ALL comments and suggestions for improvement of this web page are appreciated. Hopefully you can enjoy and find some nice ideas for your life from here!


Ville Saarinen
Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor (ashtanga, yin)

tel. +358 50 5259669
Iso Roobertinkatu 36-40
00120 Helsink

Short stories

History of Yoga in Finland

Matti Rautaniemi has written a short history of yoga in Finland (in Finnish).



Second story of former Finnish ice hockey player

Here's also a second story of Finnish yoga teache Karri Takko (YLE / Karri Laihonen) (in Finnish):



18 Amazing Benefits of Yoga

There are many reasons, why yoga is so popular today. Jen Miller has collected a very comprehensive list of benefits, what yoga is giving to you:


Finnish ice hockey player teaches yoga nowadays

Finnish ice hockey player Kari Takko is now a yoga teacher, article in Satakunnan Kansa magazine (in Finnish):

Ex-liigakiekkoilija Karri Takko: "...reppureissu Intiaan muutti elämän vuonna 2008"


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News & Updates


Helsinki Yogafestival 2019

Welcome to the 7th Yoga Festival Helsinki on March 2-3 2019! 140 exhibitors, 100 lessons and 40 lectures...




Partner for Kaikkijoogasta.fi ?

Kaikkijoogasta.fi is looking for a partner, so if you consider that yoga is close to your heart and this might be an interesting opportunity for you...then please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Forest Yoga Close to Helsinki Next Summer

LomiTravels is organizing Nature Trips with Forest Yoga close to Helsinki next summer. Registration and more information:




Helsinki Yoga Festival

Welcome to the 6th Yoga Festival Helsinki in March 2018! The two-day event (March 3-4, 2018) is a great opportunity to explore and get more information about different yoga styles, find a new hobby or discover wellness products and services.




Has Yoga Lost Its Soul?

Some good points in this video, which has caused a lot of discussion and at least they are very recommended to think of...



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